Q&A with Buford's Dylan Lesko

Posted 1/7/2022

Meet Dylan Lesko, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound pitcher/shortstop from Buford High School who has signed with Vanderbilt. Lesko is a member of the Metro Atlanta Big 10 cover for the 2022 Georgia Dugout Preview Magazine. Here are 10 questions with him.

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Q: What in-game rituals or superstitions do you have?

A: I like to keep the same pre-game routine as well as have my pregame Chipotle meal - Burrito Bowl, double wrap/double meat (chicken and steak)/queso/cheese/corn.


Q: Who is your favorite professional sports team?

A: Baseball - Los Angeles Angels; Football - Green Bay Packers.


Q: What is your favorite food to eat?

A: Big Meal - a real good steak; Smaller meal - Burrito Bowl, double wrap/double meat (chicken and steak)/queso/cheese/corn.


Q: Name one thing people may be surprised to learn about you? 

A: I really like shoes. I have a pretty good collection of Jordan's.


Q: Who is your favorite teacher and what is your favorite high school subject?

A: Mrs. Edwards - math. I really enjoy the logistical thinking.


Q: Outside of baseball, what is your next hobby? 

A: Working out, golfing, hanging with family and friends, going to the lake.


Q: If you could travel anywhere outside the U.S., what would be your dream location and why?

A:  I would like to visit any international location that I can watch and participate with baseball in some fashion to see the impact it has on those areas.


Q: Name the person you'd like to meet the most.

A: Mike Trout - I look up to him and how he plays/respects the game. He goes hard always and plays consistently at the highest level. A competitor. 

Walker Buehler - Vanderbilt connection. He takes pride in work ethic from a pitching standpoint. Attack the zone, throw inside to move the batter off the plate, open up the zone for off-speed and change in eye level (throw up then down). He wants the ball in big games.


Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

A: My dad is my role model and my inspiration in life because he is someone who inspires me and has impacted my life in the most profound way. He always makes time for me and my sister and always makes us the priority to ensure we have everything we need. He has always been by my side since I was little for every accomplishment and disappointment on and off the field.  My dad makes me strive to be the best I can be everyday with everything I do in life. I still go to him before making any decision and I could not have asked for a better role model than my father.


Q: After baseball, what career are you planning to pursue?

A: After playing the game that I love I hope to be able to be a motivational/public speaker.  I would like to coach as well to give back to the kids.