Q&A with GHSA office on pitch count concerns

Posted 2/13/17

A question and answer session with the Georgia High School Association office regarding coaches' concerns about new pitch-count rules.


Q: Where is the Pitch Count Monitor supposed to sit? 

A: PCM decides.


Q: Is the GHSA site where the pitch counts are being uploaded by the PCM something coaches can regularly access to view not only our pitch count information but every team in the state and their pitch count information?

A: Pitch counts will be recorded by 9 a.m. the next morning, and you should be able to see yours and opponents.


Q: Do the home and visiting team have to confer with the PCM in between innings to be sure pitch count numbers are remaining accurate?

A: Coaches can confer as needed but PCM totals are final.


Q: Is there a post-game conference after the game so each head coach can attest to the number of pitches the PCM documented for each pitcher for each team?

A: No.


Q: I plan on pulling my pitcher at 24 pitches so he can pitch again the next day. During his last batter, he starts at 19 but reaches 25 before recording the out. He is then pulled. Since he started that batter prior to 24 and then was pulled, does that 25 revert back to 24 so he is eligible to pitch with no rest?  This is what they do with the Little League count.

A: No, the pitch count would be 25.


Q: Are coaches required to make a pitching change in middle of that at bat so that he can pitch the next day?

A: Yes.


Q: If we have a DH, does the pitchers pitch count, count for the day or each games?

A: It is a per game pitch count.


Q: If I pitch 80 pitches in Game 1, can I come back and pitch Game 2?

A: No. The pitcher went over the 30-count pitch limit, so he would not be eligible to pitch in a doubleheader.


Q: If there is a difference in the amount of pitches the PCM has and the one or both teams have, how will that be handled? For example, the PCM has a count of 84 and the coach has a count of 88.

A: PCM is final, so 84 would be the count.


Q: How will I be able to see the pitch count for the pitchers of the team I am planning?  

A: GHSA MIS site. 


Q: How will the PCM know the pitch count for the pitchers of each team for the week?

A: They only count pitches and do not worry about the enforcing the limits.


Q: Scenario A: A pitcher throws 30 pitches in sub-varsity (1-day rest required under sub-varsity rules), would the one day of rest still be required for this pitcher to pitch in a varsity game?

A: His rest is define by the level he pitches. Therefore, he would have one days rest before pitching. 


Q: Scenario B: A pitcher throws 30 pitches varsity (no rest for varsity, but 1 day if on sub-varsity), could the pitcher pitch in a sub-varsity game the next day, or would they need the 1 day of rest since they would be going down to sub-varsity? 

A: The pitcher could pitch any level without rest.


Q: What is the ruling on a game played in four innings, then rain comes and the game is canceled. Does the pitch count still stand or does everything go back to zero?

A: All pitches count even if the game is cancelled. 


Q: If a pitcher on Team A exceeds the pitch count limit during the game and the coach on Team B has knowledge of this. Is the coach on Team B allowed to protest at this point or is the process to inform GHSA after the game?  

A: Schools can’t protest in high school baseball anymore. In inform the GHSA Office.


Q: What is the line of action if a pitcher is known to have gone over the limit but is still in the game?  

A: Contact the GHSA Office about the violation. 


Q: How is this handled in the actual game itself if the player is essentially an ineligible player?

A: It would not constitute using an ineligible player; it would be a pitching violation. No forfeits, but coaches are penalized.  Forfeits may be something to explore/propose after this first season of the new pitching policy.