GHSA Coaches Class 1A Public All-Region teams

Posted 5/31/2022

Metter's John Luke Glanton is the Region 3-1A Public Player of the Year.


2022 Coaches All-Region


Editor's Note: Below are the 2022 Class 1A Public Coaches All-Region

Baseball Teams. Please note that each region handles its own teams,

and the format varies.


Class 1A Public

Region 1-1A

Coach of the Year: Ryan Davis, Baconton Charter

Co-Player of the Year: Kade Haywood, Pataula Charter

Co-Player of the Year: Will Worsham, Baconton Charter

Pitcher of the Year: Kade Haywood, Pataula Charter

Defensive Player of the Year: Bud Palmer, Pelham

Offensive Player of the Year: Caden Brooks, Baconton Charter

Co-Freshman of the Year: John Walker, Seminole County

Co-Freshman of the Year: Noah Miller, Miller County

First Team

Seth Gay, Baconton Charter; Grayson White, Baconton Charter;

Jimmy Woods, Baconton Charter; Logan Hurst, Baconton Charter;

Kolbie Radney, Pataula Charter; Tyler Tabb, Pataula Charter;

Charles Holley, Pataula Charter; Chad Jones, Pataula Charter;

Grayson Waltman, Pataula Charter; Ashton Childree, Seminole

County; Will Walker, Seminole County; Brayden Odom, Seminole

County; Jackson Curles, Pelham; JP Powell, Miller County; Hunter

Pearce, Webster County; Zechariah Anderson, Webster County;

Jamie Rowland, Webster County; Shytavion Johnson, Terrell

County; Keonte Nunnally, Randolph-Clay 

Honorable Mention



Region 2-1A

Player of the Year: Bryce Clements, Irwin County

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Sean Russell, Charlton County

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Jacob Faircloth, Lanier County

Pitcher of the Year: Cody Soliday, Irwin County

Defensive Player of the Year: Freddie Loftly, Clinch County

Freshman of the Year: Jaden King, Turner County

First Team

Pitchers: Colton Sylvester, Irwin County; Gant Geiger, Charlton

County; Infielders: Parker Culpepper, Lanier County; Colby

Bryant, Charlton County; Seth Fields, Irwin County; Judge

Royal, Irwin County; Grant Spikes, Lanier County; Outfielders:

Wade Rodeffer, Charlton County; Mason Snyder, Irwin County;

Evan Ross, Irwin County; Noiah Newbern, Lanier County;

Designated Hitter: Colton Crews, Charlton County             

Second Team

Pitchers: Ian Vickers, Charlton County; Brady Register, Clinch

County; Jack Perry, Brooks County; Infielders: Cooper

Yanzetich, Irwin County; Avery Crosby, Clinch County; John

Henry Guess, Turner County; Cade Griffis, Clinch County;

Matthew Ferrell, Brooks County; Outfielders: Sam Mancil,

Lanier County; Connor Lloyd, Charlton County; Amorion

Blanks, Turner County; Patrick Kimple, Clinch County;

Designated Hitter: Jake Dees, Echols County

Honorable Mention

Atkinson County: Brannon Squires, Austin Smith; Charlton

County: Cole Crawford; Clinch County: Eli Cason; Echols

County: Blaine Sealy, Skylar Howell; Irwin County: Jalen

Martin; Lanier County: Jaden Young, Nathan Wyre; Turner

County: Omorion Holloman 


Region 3-1A

Coach of the Year: Zack Rackett, Metter

Player of the Year: John Luke Glanton, Metter

Offensive Player of the Year: Konner Leggett, Bryan County

Defensive Player of the Year: Robbie Lane, Claxton

Pitcher of the Year: Hayden Morris, Claxton

First Team

Kyzer Anthony, Metter; Trey Hall, Metter; Reco Coney,

Metter; Rustan Rigdon, Metter; Tanner Henry, Claxton;

Cade Sikes, Claxton; Christian Mixon, Claxton; Aiden

Martin, Bryan County; Aaron Bailey, Bryan County; Tanner

Ennis, Bryan County; Bryce Kearson, ECI; Jack Walden,

ECI; Gavin Underwood, Jenkins County; James Allen, Jenkins

County; Lake Linton, McIntosh County Academy; Hunter

Elder, McIntosh County Academy; Jared Dixon, Screven

County; Cole Shuman, Portal       


Region 4-1A

Region Champion: Wilcox County

Coach of the Year: Stephen McDuffie, Wilcox County

Player of the Year: Braden Simmons, Hawkinsville

Pitcher of the Year: Johnny Nutt, Wilcox County

First Team

Pitchers: Harrison Rutherford, Treutlen; Randal Holder,

Hawkinsville; Larsen Luke, Wilcox County; Aaron Adams,

Johnson County; Deon Rawlings, Johnson County; Catcher:

Jackson Owens, Wilcox County; Infielders: Russ Ray, Telfair

County; Jeloney Waters, Johnson County; Abe Stowe,

Wilcox County; Trace Peeples, Treutlen; Garret Keene,

Wilcox County; Outfielders: Tim Blair, Treutlen; BJ Gibson,

Wilcox County; Jake Howell, Wilcox County; Tyrese

Robinson, Dublin; Jakelvis Whitley, Johnson County;

Designated Hitter: Brian Cook, Telfair County; Utility:

Landon Connell, Telfair County           

Second Team

Pitchers: Jack Rogers, Dublin; Jordan Stephens, Wilcox

County; Bo Davidson, Montgomery County; Brendan

Varnadoe, Hawkinsville; Cam Waller, Johnson County;

Ty Orr, Dublin; Catcher: Josh Guyton, Dublin; Infielders:

Tanner Meeks, Hawkinsville; Diego Jackson, Dublin; Marquis

Martin, Montgomery County; Pierce Walker, Treutlen; Gabe

Conley, Dublin; Will Morris, Telfair County; Outfielders: Kolby

McLendon, Treutlen; Collin Beall, Treutlen; Ian Scott, Wheeler

County; Germivy Tucker, Johnson County; Chase Cardell,

Montgomery County; Designated Hitter: Drew Dixon, Wheeler

County; Utility: Gannon Carter, Johnson County 

Honorable Mention

Dooly County: Deon King; Dublin: Jase Giles, Zach

Wall, Tyler Weaver, Garrett Young; Hawkinsville: Chandler

Powers, Chase Sinyard, Darius Anderson, Cam Salter;

Johnson County: William Taylor, Sage Stapleton,

Landon McCoy; Montgomery County: Jay Harris,

Brandon Denmark, Charles Spivey, Maurice Polke; Telfair

County: Gavin York, Jamie Norris, Billy Rogers, Skye

Siddall; Treutlen: Matthew Corbett, Cooper Brantley,

Kyland Page, Ridge Swain; Wheeler County: Kolt Bell,

Rhett Rodgers; Wilcox County: Trevor Collier, Cole

Blackwell, Tre Griffin 


Region 5-1A

Coach of the Year: Chuck Cheek, Schley County

Offensive Player of the Year: Jack Clark, Schley County

Player of the Year: Trypp Lumpkin, Schley County

Pitcher of the Year: Trypp Lumpkin, Schley County

First Team

Pitchers: Kaleb Powell, Marion County; Dylan Hodgens,

Taylor County; Zachry Paker, Chattahoochee County;

Catcher: Brody Fuller, Schley County; Infielders: Carson

Wetbrook, Schley County; Leland Dodson, Marion County;

Jacob Walker, Chattahoochee County; Brendan Brooks,

Taylor County; Cody Harris, Taylor County; Outfielders:

Owen Lamb, Schley County; Aaron Fausel, Taylor County;

Nathan Patterson, Taylor County; Tayshaun Ryals-Wilson,

Taylor County; Designated Hitter: Austin Woodell, Marion

County; Utility: Will Penoncello, Marion County          

Second Team

Pitchers: Tyler Johnson, Chattahoochee County; Ridge

James, Schley County; Ashton Raybun, Schley County;

Hayden Harbin, Manchester; Catcher: Rett Harris, Taylor

County; Infielders: Haven Hartage, Manchester; Ty

Goodroe, Marion County; Robert Way, Marion County;

Trenton Stubbs, Schley County; Kasen Binn, Chattahoochee

County; Outfielders: Zae Marshall, Manchester; Christian

Whitaker, Manchester; Owen Shufflebarger, Schley County;

Clayton McDaniel, Marion County; Utility: Colten O'Neal,

Marion County  

Honorable Mention



Region 6-1A

Offensive Player of the Year: Bo Rhudy, Gordon Lee

Pitcher of the Year: Brandon Dover, Trion

Defensive Player of the Year: Tyler Forrester, Gordon Lee

Captain: Brantley Willbanks, Trion

Coach of the Year: Trent Stamey, Trion

First Team

Pitchers: Bo Rhudy, Gordon Lee; Tanner Wilson, Gordon

Lee; Jase Mason, Trion; Ethan Campbell, Armuchee; Brandon

Dover, Trion; Catchers: Skyler Thurston, Armuchee; Brantley

Willbanks, Trion; Infielders: Will Rainwater, Bowdon; Kade

Cowan, Gordon Lee; Holt Roberts, Gordon Lee; Jack

Watkins, Bowdon; Kade Smith, Trion; Chase Butler, Mount

Zion-Carrollton; Chandler DeSanto, Armuchee; Outfielders:

Garren Ramey, Gordon Lee; Kameron Parker, Armuchee;

Luke Lively, Armuchee; Brady Entrekin, Bowdon; Nate

Dunfee, Gordon Lee; Designated Hitters: Brodie Genter,

Gordon Lee; Will Huggins, Bowdon; Utility: Bo Rhudy,

Gordon Lee; Brody Brown, Trion     

Second Team

Pitchers: Mason Mims, Bowdon; Jack Rogers, Armuchee;

Aaron DeCarlo, Drew Charter; Catchers: Zach McEwen,

Bowdon; Mason Jakubiak, Mount Zion-Carrollton;

Infielders: Blake Mathis, Armuchee; Mason Mims,

Bowdon; Brandon Dover, Trion; Garrett Gordon,

Mount Zion-Carrollton; Jackson Coonley, Armuchee;

Outfielders: Cayden Watson, Trion; Linkin Farrar, Trion;

Eli Rivers, Mount Zion-Carrollton; Luke Windom, Bowdon;

Designated Hitter: Che Williams, Drew Charter;

Utility: Connor Deparlier, Trion 

Honorable Mention

Armuchee: Braxton Honea; Bowdon: Bryson Adams;

Drew Charter: Cameron Anderson, Jaden Daniels;

Gordon Lee: Aiden Goodwin, Blake Rodgers, Jackson

Seali, Barrett Dockery, Cooper Jackson;

Mount Zion-Carrollton: Jake Gordon, Stanley Cross,

Cohen Hancock; Trion: Jackson Morrison, Nate Willingham


Region 7-1A

Coach of the Year: Josh McLendon, ACE Charter

Player of the Year: Gavin West, ACE Charter

Co-Pitcher of the Year: Christian Black, GMC

Co-Pitcher of the Year: Grant Edwards, ACE Charter

Freshman of the Year: Drew Hammock, Crawford County

Defensive Player of the Year: Caleb Carr, Crawford County

First Team

JD Lewis, ACE Charter; Sam Whitley, ACE Charter; Tate

Brown, ACE Charter; Trevor Cannon, ACE Charter; Trevor

Derrick, ACE Charter; Ashton Donaldson, ACE Charter;

Jack Corrigan, ACE Charter; Judd Puckett, Crawford

County; Trevor West, Crawford County; Brennan Hudson,

Crawford County; Blake Bishop, Crawford County; Tre

Woods, GMC; Cayden Avant, GMC; Hunter Justice,

GSIC; Blake Smith, GSIC; Dee Gilmore, Glascock County;

Landon Griswell, Glascock County; Garin Adside,

Glascock County 

Second Team

Tyler Saunders, GMC; Wesley Silas, GSIC; Trent Thompson,

GSIC; Michael Taylor, Crawford County; Luke Cody,

Crawford County; Trace Hodges, Crawford County; Jaden

Stevenson, Wilkinson County; Zack Bache, Wilkinson

County; Cody Colter, ACE Charter; Jake McLendon,

ACE Charter; Caleb Pittman, Glascock County

Honorable Mention



Region 8-1A

Co-Player of the Year: Mason Moore, Social Circle

Co-Player of the Year: Nathan Durham, Washington-Wilkes

Co-Pitcher of the Year: Brayden Mitchell, Social Circle

Co-Pitcher of the Year: Cayden Lord, Commerce

First Team

Pitchers: Kade McConnell, Towns County; Owen Etris, Lake

Oconee Academy; Zane Floyd, Towns County; Jason Ball,

Social Circle; Catchers: Coleson Smith, Commerce;

Connor Chastain, Towns County; Infielders: Trey

Huff, Lincoln County; Ryan Cooper, Commerce; Hampton

Hutto, Commerce; Harrison Tolleson, Lake Oconee

Academy; Logan Cross, Social Circle; Outfielders: Robert

Hunt, Washington-Wilkes; Tanner Cunningham, Towns

County; Landon Bunn, Commerce; Designated Hitter: Jackson

Thornton, Washington-Wilkes; Ray Adcock, Lincoln County      

Second Team

Pitchers: Kade Morgan, Commerce; Jaxon Foster,

Commerce; Morgan Shedd, Washington-Wilkes; Caden

Richardson, Social Circle; Catchers: Mitchell McCullough,

Social Circle; Trace Callaway, Washington-Wilkes;

Infielders: Levi Durham, Washington-Wilkes; Malik

Ware, Washington-Wilkes; Collin Crowder, Towns

County; Seth Gillis, Towns County; Outfielders: Lucas

Langley, Social Circle; Paul Kendall, Social Circle; Jack

Antonakos, Lincoln County; Designated Hitter: Stone

Chauncey, Towns County; James Mattison, Lincoln County  

Honorable Mention

Commerce: Cohen Thomason, Alex Rainey, Nate Rainey,

Brayton Purcell, JP Allen; Lake Oconee Academy: Ian

Watson; Social Circle: Will Atha; Washington-Wilkes:

Desmond Cofer, Mason Wheatley