GHSA Coaches Class 1A Private All-Region teams

Posted 5/31/2022

Saint Anne-Pacelli's Jackson Hilton was named the Region 4-1A Private Pitcher of the Year.


2022 Coaches All-Region


Editor's Note: Below are the 2022 Class 1A Private Coaches All-Region

Baseball Teams. Please note that each region handles its own teams,

and the format varies.


Class 1A Private

Region 1-1A

Player of the Year: Coleman Cauley, First Presbyterian Day

Pitcher of the Year: Benjamin Stubbs, Tattnall Square

First Team

Hayes Bryant, First Presbyterian Day; Blake Cohen, First Presbyterian

Day; Wills Handberry, First Presbyterian Day; Colton McDonald,

First Presbyterian Day; Jackson Moore, First Presbyterian Day;

Gavin Spillers, First Presbyterian Day; Cooper McMullen, Tattnall

Square; Russ Miller, Tattnall Square; Charlie Morris, Tattnall Square;

DJ Willis, Tattnall Square; Braden Burghardt, Strong Rock Christian;

Dakota Crumbley, Strong Rock Christian; Colin Mendiola, Strong

Rock Christian; Isaiah Pou, Strong Rock Christian; Zack Wallace,

Strong Rock Christian; Davis Coleman, Deerfield-Windsor; Garrett

Watson, Deerfield-Windsor; Chewy Willis, Deerfield-Windsor; Jared

Diaz, Mount de Sales; Jordan Green, Mount de Sales; Bricen

Smith, Mount de Sales; Drew Senn, Mount de Sales; Lawson Cole,

Stratford; Garrett Lang, Stratford; Micah Takac, Stratford  

Honorable Mention



Region 2-1A

Player of the Year: Caleb Lavallee, Whitefield Academy

Pitcher of the Year: Brayden May, Whitefield Academy

First Team

Chase Jackson, Eagles Landing Christian; Christian White, Eagles

Landing Christian; Kam Estes, Eagles Landing Christian; Colton

Hood, Eagles Landing Christian; Cody Lee, Landmark Christian;

William Moore, Paideia; Wesley Calloway, Whitefield Academy;

Conlon Walker, Whitefield Academy; Hunter Waters, Eagles

Landing Christian; Cooper Craig, Whitefield Academy; Nate

Jones, Whitefield Academy; Nick Olson, Whitefield Academy;

Gabe Elliott, Paideia; Christian White, Eagles Landing Christian

Second Team

Bruno Damiani, Paideia; Michael Clark, Eagles Landing

Christian; David Raygoza, Paideia; Cal Forde, Paideia; Luke

Balentine, Landmark Christian; Levi Trask, Landmark Christian;

Kaj Barron, Paideia   

Honorable Mention



Region 3-1A

Player of the Year: Ely Brown, Savannah Christian

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Josh Gates, Savannah Christian

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Will Hampton, Calvary Day

Pitcher of the Year: Ethan Macklin, Savannah Christian

Rookie of the Year: Brooks Kleinpeter, Savannah Country Day

Coach of the Year: Matt Oglesby, Savannah Christian

First Team

Daegan Strickland, Savannah Christian; Jayden White, Savannah

Christian; Blaine Burnsed, Savannah Christian; Ty Schneider,

Savannah Country Day; Barry Kleinpeter, Savannah Country

Day; Cade Garola, Savannah Country Day; Roman Smith,

Savannah Country Day; Dalton Brown, Savannah Country

Day; Tyler Scott, Savannah Country Day; Kellen Blankenship,

Calvary Day; Pierce Powell, Calvary Day; Caden Arnold, Calvary

Day; Brooks Dawson, Calvary Day; Will Hampton, Calvary

Day; Mason Turner, Calvary Day; Kevin Douglas, Aquinas

Second Team

Trent Lanier, Savannah Christian; Tison Graham, Savannah

Christian; Evan Lowrimore, Savannah Christian; Corbett Salandi,

Savannah Country Day; Leiden Van Abshoven, Savannah Country

Day; Brandon Exley, Calvary Day; Dayyan O'Neal, Calvary

Day; James McBride, Aquinas    

Honorable Mention



Region 4-1A

Player of the Year: Zach Johnpeer, Saint Anne-Pacelli

Pitcher of the Year: Jackson Hilton, Saint Anne-Pacelli

Coach of the Year: Bobby Howard, Saint Anne-Pacelli

First Team

Pitchers: Coates Massey, Brookstone; Calvain Baker, Heritage;

Adrian Roman, Trinity Christian; Catcher: Omar Kimbrough,

Saint Anne-Pacelli; Infielders: Luke Norman, Brookstone;

Ethan Garett, Heritage; Brooks Parkerson, Saint Anne-Pacelli;

Tai Peete, Trinity Christian; Outfielders: Haze Voltz, Brookstone;

Jayce Blalock, Trinity Christian; Henry Brodnax, Trinity

Christian; Designated Hitter: Buddy Denson, Brookstone;

Utility: Jackson Boatner, Saint Anne-Pacelli 

Second Team

Pitchers: Tripp Duncan, Brookstone; Luke Norman,

Brookstone; Brooks Parkerson, Saint Anne-Pacelli; Tai

Peete, Trinity Christian; Catcher: Mercer Hudson,

Brookstone; Infielders: Jack Schondelmayer, Brookstone;

Jacob Miles, Heritage; Austin Stephenson, Saint Anne-Pacelli;

Max Gosdon, Trinity Christian; Outfielders: Taylor Hancock,

Brookstone; Walker Hilton, Saint Anne-Pacelli; Carson

Pilgrem, Saint Anner-Pacelli     

Honorable Mention

Brookstone: Maxwell Jones; Heritage: Landon Justice;

Saint Anne-Pacelli: Drew Ashton


Region 5-1A

Player of the Year: Druw Jones, Wesleyan

Pitcher of the Year: Carson Ballard, Wesleyan

Coach of the Year: Adam Cantrell, Providence Christian

Rookie of the Year: Daniel Barwick, Hebron Christian

First Team

Carson Ballard, Wesleyan; Cooper Blauser, Wesleyan; Bryce

Hubbard, Wesleyan; Druw Jones, Wesleyan; Schley Gordy,

Wesleyan; Parker Marlatt, Hebron Christian; Luke Starling,

Hebron Christian; Daniel Barwick, Hebron Christian; Tyler

Jay Sciavicco; Drew Jabaley, Holy Innocents'; Zack Jackson,

Holy Innocents'; David Luigs, Holy Innocents'; Caleb Lee,

Providence Christian; Carson Tillotson, Providence Christian;

Dylan Holbrook, Mount Vernon Presbyterian 

Second Team

Nate Kerpics, Wesleyan; Forrett Lietz, Wesleyan; Reed

Purcell, Wesleyan; Dom Scalese, Wesleyan; Brad Ihm,

Hebron Christian; Sam Mitchell, Hebron Christian; Bennett

Waters, Hebron Christian; Griffin Bittel, Holy Innocents';

Dylan Radaszewski, Holy Innocents'; Connor Jones, Providence

Christian; Karmelo Crumpton, Providence Christian; David

Adkins, Mount Vernon Presbyterian; Austin Taylor, Mount Vernon

Presbyterian; Henry Shields, Galloway; Alec Wasserman, Galloway

Honorable Mention



Region 6-1A

Co-Player of the Year: Jaden Anderson, Mount Pisgah Christian

Co-Player of the Year: Charlie Jones, Kings Ridge Christian

Pitcher of the Year: Daniel Powell, Fellowship Christian

Freshman of the Year: Isaac Brody, Weber

Coach of the Year: Shawn Oliver, Fellowship Christian

First Team

Pitchers: Grant Hudson, Fellowship Christian; Carter Davies,

Saint Francis; Mason Adkin, Kings Ridge Christian; Jason May,

Weber; Relief Pitcher: Walker Harris, Mount Pisgah Christian;

Catcher: Kaden Alford, Mount Pisgah Christian; Infielders:

Jackson Westmoreland, Saint Francis; Will Austin, Fellowship

Christian; Nate Kittredge, Kings Ridge Christian; Jack Rickheim,

Fellowship Christian; Outfielders: Cooper Davidson, Fellowship

Christian; Charlie Chandler, Fellowship Christian; Luke Hughes,

Fellowship Christian; Brandon Bostic, Mount Pisgah Christian;

Designated Hitter: Evan Leccese, Fellowship Christian;

Utility: Aidan Pullaro, Mount Pisgah Christian  

Second Team

Pitchers: Isaac Brody, Weber; Evan Wood, Saint Francis;

Jackson Westmoreland, Saint Francis; Wilson Long, Fellowship

Christian; Relief Pitcher: Sett Pettett, Saint Francis; Catcher:

Will Phipps, Fellowship Christian; Infielders: Benjy Tucker,

Mount Pisgah Christian; Jack Garver, Mount Pisgah Christian;

Evan Fuerst, Saint Francis; Wilson Long, Fellowship Christian;

Outfielders: Aaron Bock, Weber; Bailey Survilas, Saint Francis;

Jack Ward, Mount Pisgah Christian; Designated Hitter:

Matthew Pressnall, Saint Francis; Utility: Sam Delikat,

Saint Francis

Honorable Mention



Region 7-1A

Hitter of the Year: Lukas Farris, North Cobb Christian

Player of the Year: Michael Mullinax, North Cobb Christian

Pitcher of the Year: Jake Tucker, Mount Paran Christian

Coach of the Year: Kyle Reese, Mount Paran Christian

First Team

Pitchers: Jake Tucker, Mount Paran Christian; Paul Farley,

Mount Paran Christian; Nick Stinson, North Cobb Christian;

Blake Dean, North Cobb Christian; Catcher: Tyler Minnick,

Mount Paran Christian; Infielders: Jake Tucker, Mount

Paran Christian; Lukas Farris, North Cobb Christian; Josh

Fitzpatrick, Mount Paran Christian; Talan Shirey, Darlington;

Alex Adams, Mount Paran Christian; Ashton Pass, Walker;

Carlos Martans, North Cobb Christian; Tate McKee, Mount

Paran Christian; Logan Floyd, Darlington; Outfielders:

Michael Mullinax, North Cobb Christian; Pierce Crane, Mount

Paran Christian; DJ Dennis, Walker; Nick Germain, Mount

Paran Christian; Slade Clevenger, Darlington; Designated

Hitter: Kyle Crisp, Mount Paran Christian 

Second Team

Pitchers: Tate McKee, Mount Paran Christian; Armando

Nunez, North Cobb Christian; Logan Floyd, Darlington; Hill

Shropshire, Darlington; Josiah Chisea, Christian Heritage;

Evan Hood, Christian Heritage; Thomas Norris, Darlington;

Catcher: Mattheson Go, North Cobb Christian; Infielders:

Jackson Uggla, North Cobb Christian; Thomas Bethel,

Darlington; Elian Bautista, Christian Heritage; Ronaldo

Rivera, North Cobb Christian; Jason Hebert, Walker;

Outfielders: Davis Hodges, Mount Paran Christian; Landon

Fowler, Darlington; Jack Payne, Darlington

Honorable Mention



Region 8-1A

Player of the Year: Judson Hartwell, Prince Avenue Christian

Pitcher of the Year: Caleb Williams, Athens Christian

Coach of the Year: Allen Osborne, Prince Avenue Christian

First Team

Pitchers: Will Atkinson, George Walton; Ross Whitworth,

Prince Avenue Christian; Josh Wilson, Athens Christian;

Thomas Ferland, Athens Academy; Catchers: Colt Ratliff,

George Walton; Sam Johnson, Athens Academy; Russell

Clifton, Athens Christia; Infielders: Carter Woods,

Loganville Christian; Henry Smith, Athens Academy;

Will Goff, Prince Avenue Christian; Drew Bates, Tallulah

Falls; Sam Bush, Athens Academy; Abhi Shah, Athens

Christian; Outfielders: Bailey Stockton, Prince Avenue

Christian; Grant Guest, Athens Christian; Daniel Bell,

Prince Avenue Christian; Pratt Ferguson, Athens Academy;

Malique Charlton, Tallulah Falls; Designated Hitter: Mac

Bradley, Prince Avenue Christian; Utility: Norman Bastian,

Tallulah Falls  

Second Team

Pitchers: Brandon Berenguer, George Walton; Aubrey

Higgins, Tallulah Falls; Hayden Marshall, Prince Avenue

Christian; Bradley Chatam, Prince Avenue Christian;

Infielders: Mason Maughon, George Walton; Steven

Holder, Athens Academy; Johnathan Chapman, Loganville

Christian; Mason Mathis, George Walton; Trey Taylor,

Athens Christian; Frankie Moree, Tallulah Falls; Outfielders:

Maddox Hansen, George Walton; Jake Pintar, Athens

Christian; Kyler Giddens, Loganville Christian; Jake

Strickland, Athens Christian; Designated Hitter: Evan

Ivester, Athens Christian; Utility: Jake Lance, George Walton

Honorable Mention

Athens Academy: Asa Drudge, Jackson Hutton;

George Walton: Aidan Rainey; Tallulah Falls: Joel Miller